Our applications take advantage of the constantly changing mobile environment to improve your business processes. Signature Manager, FormsTrack and NowYouSign have grown out of our relationship with ICS FormSprint, which has been in business since 1984. These applications add value to existing and new FormSprint users by adding Signature Capture and data collection to existing documents.

Custom Software

In addition to our core products, we also offer custom software solutions on almost any platform, from iOS apps and IBM i applications, to Amazon Alexa Skills. If you want to improve workflow, we can help you with our core or custom applications. Our initial consultation is free, so if you have a project that requires custom software, contact us and see what we can do for you.

Tech Support
& Service

Keeping our customers happy is our top priority. Tech support requests are usually resolved in a matter of hours. When a support request comes in, we work with you to find the answer to your question or log onto your system to resolve the problem without your having to hit a key. You won’t speak with a customer service representative with limited knowledge: you get support directly from the developer.

Joe Power

Joseph Power, founder and CEO of Power i4 Solution, is an experienced developer specializing in IBM i, iOS and app development. Joe takes a hands-on approach to every aspect of our business; from initial consultation to implementation to ongoing support.

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