Proof of Delivery

FormsTrack offers immediate proof of delivery with digital signatures, GPS coordinates, pictures, and more. The app updates delivery information in real-time, providing your company with an all-encompassing equipment rental management solution.

Compare and Know

Because FormsTrack automatically downloads the last pictures taken of your equipment, you can compare and show your customer how it has changed. The pictures are time-stamped and display the printed name and signature of the last person to sign for them.

Is your company losing money due to property damage that can’t be proven?

FormsTrack helps collect images and review condition reports, which can be easily recalled for comparison after each transaction. Plus, there’s no need to decipher someone’s messy handwriting.

Are your company contracts spread across several geographical regions?

FormsTrack’s central repository makes it easy to search and audit signed contracts.

Does your rental company have problems with paper documentation being damaged, illegible, or lost?

When you use FormsTrack, all information is captured electronically and stored conveniently in the Cloud.

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