Are you losing money on your equipment because you can’t hold your customers accountable for damages? Prevent customer disputes before they start. Use FormsTrack to collect and view pictures and electronic signatures to keep track of rental equipment condition. FormsTrack’s central repository makes it scalable even if your contracts are spread across geographical regions.

Signature Manager

Do you need a better way to capture customer signatures and manage your signed documents? Search for, display, and group documents together for your customers to sign, then distribute or store the signed documents. Capture key information electronically to save time and paper every day, on every transaction.


Do you need a way to get a signature from a customer, whether they’re down the street or across the world? Email customers a link to view and electronically sign a document. That document is emailed back to you the moment they sign. No need to manually print, sign, scan, attach and email a document.

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